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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Photos from our press shoot! Summer here we come!

All the incredibly brilliant Secret Emporium garden shoot photos care of the phenomenal force that is

A handful of the designers you can expect to see this summer in The Secret Emporium. Check out the festivals we're gracing, and meet the characters behind the designs!

Feather headdresseshttp://feathersmith.blogspot.com/

Our very own Vivienne Westwood - Ali Wall - fantastical dressmaker

Recycled and cut tyre jewellery concoctions - http://www.emmaware.co.uk/

Leather printed adornment from Rosita Bonitahttp://www.rositabonita.com/rositabonita/home.html

                              Stars necklace/headbandhttp://www.darkhorseornament.co.uk/

And massive thank yous to Harky and the Matossian Family for allowing us to use their gorgeous garden. Check out Harky's band The Gentle Mystics album launch - http://www.gentlemystics.com/home.html

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