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Sunday, 15 July 2012

This is ONE MAMMOTH post.........

......to wet your appetite for what we have on offer for you in the Secret Emporium at The Secret Garden Party this summer! Not only have we upsized from the pink lotus flower tent from last year, taking residence in a huge beautiful white canvas marquee - vamped up and spangled just for you lucky folks, we have gathered up an even bigger, more eccentric, colourful, flamboyant and incredibly talented bunch of designers to set the tone for all your fashion and dress-up needs this summer.

Oh yes, you are lucky indeed! Bring your wallets people, because these are souvenirs you are not going to want to leave the weekend of the summer without!

Amongst the new additions and favourite regulars to the Emporium we have awarded scholarship stalls to the visionary and creatively resourceful designer, Plastic Seconds, and the ever brilliant and varied collective that is The Pound Shop. We are also opening our first Secret Emporium 'T-Bar' to cater for you tea and cake cravings, with baked wonders care of the cooking goddess from Tricky Treats. Our changing room created by the phenomenal stitching capabilities of Prangsta and Photobooth brought to us by Uber-Schnapp! Also not forgetting the body painting skills and lash bar extraordinaire from In Your Dreams.

We also welcome the return of our resident DJ's The Weasels (anyone who came to visit us at Bestival last year will remember these guys helped us make the Emporium the place to hang out - do the shop-bop!)

In the meantime, our designer roll-call is as follows.......... 

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