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Friday, 21 September 2012

Oh Bestival! Our final festival event to finish off the summer - and we smashed it!!

Such an eclectic, vibrant and happy mix of cutting edge fashion and ostentatious style, such a brilliant group of designers for our final curtain call of the summer - we salute you!

With our prime location secured by the lovely Katie Maddison ( Bestival's very own superwoman) in the Magic Meadow, spitting distance from the main stage, and our tent entrance facing every beautiful sunset of the weekend (after the monsoon of early summer this year we felt this was more than deserved), it was a blinder!

Amongst our band of returning and first time labels we welcomed our final Scholar picks of the season - Isle of Wight resident guitar decorator and artist, Miranda Amapola, whose clientele include the likes of Ronnie Wood no less, and also the creative partnership of jewellery designer Tessa Metcalfe and fashion designer, Sophie Fox - such a pleasure to include these new additions into the fold.
Our resident DJs, The Weasels, came back to join us with their outrageous beats, humour and tequila fuelled energy - propping up the SE sound system like the disco soldiers they are, thank you so much boys, always a pleasure!

Our troupe of colour, spandex, tassels and magic came in the guise of.......


with a couple shots of studio life, good life!

Latimer Design

We'd also like to send out a HUGE thank you to all our SE crew and friends who helped us along the way this summer - hell raising signs, decor slamming, tea and cake peddling, music spinners, purveyors of glitter and tequila shooters! In particular medals of honour and love go to:

Lisa Kingston, SE queen
Grace Gupie, legend
Veronique, resident siren
Skye Lopez, our very own tamagotchi

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