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Monday, 28 May 2012

In preparation for our 2012 summer tour of festivals.......

We ran away from London to blitz some Secret Emporium decor in a beautiful barn in south Cornwall, complete with dogs, good home cooking and log fires (before the heatwave struck with a vengeance!).
Here's a sneak preview of our tent entrance decoration piece in the making. We struck gold with the help of Alexandra Geldenhuys and her nimble fingers, the amazing Skye who's been saving us in the office, and 'the professional carpentry assets' aka 'boyfriends' to carve out some new Emporium letters.....

 We got a little over-excited in the fabric warehouse, but standing firmly by our 'more is more' philosophy

 Flag, following his 'if you can't help, lie on it' motto

We'll be updating you with more images when the decor is finally finished and we plunge into summer madness - watch this space!!

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