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Thursday, 24 May 2012

WWF Pandamonium 2012 UK

Body sculptures by 22 famed artists and designers such as Zaha Hadid, Hussein Chalayan and Nicola Formichetti, commissioned to 'celebrate and support 50 years of WWF'......

and more footage here

 Stuart Haygarth & Sian Evans - 'Temple Tip Bower'
based on a forest-dwelling bowerbird that 'gathers and sorts objects compulsively. However, instead of attracting a mate, it collects temple tips for warmth and protection - a reminder that materials discarded by one person can be life-saving to another'.....brilliant!
(materials: artists' canvas, cold water dye, string, customised safety pins, temple tips (from found spectacles).

 Susie MacMurray (in collaboration with Jo Scorah) - 'Icarus'
inspired by the tale of Icarus, 'the cautionary tale of the dangers of over-reaching ourselves and...disregarding the consequences of our actions'.
(materials: bird netting, ostrich feathers, webbing harness, copper wire)

 Rowan Mersh - Untitled
constructed from  WWF's member magazines, 'reworked using complicated origami [techniques to create] a spectacular undulating sculpture. Visually robust, yet fragile in its structure, Untitled stands for the content in the publications and all that's yet unwritten.'
(materials: folded paper (WWF magazines)

 Julie Verhoeven - 'Desdemona Morris'
'an identity-stricken Desdemona , who is an "ape masking herself as a chintzy courtier with delusions of grandeur", reminding us that aspirations to fast-track evolution may not turn out as planned'. Amazing
(materials: fabric, plastic, wool, wood, hair and spray)

Stephen Jones & Bouke de Vries - 'Chimera Mask'
'a mythical creature from the beak of a predatory bird, the iconic eyes of a panda and the antlers of an antelope'.....'It celebrates the animal kingdom's interdependency and reminds us of "the damage that mankind carelessly causes to its fellow creatures".
(materials: steel mesh, gold electro plated steel and brass, reclaimed ceramic, polyester resin with mounted plaque).

All quotes and images taken from the WWF Pandamonium Catalogue - 

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